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We appreciate you might have some questions about this change, so we've prepared some FAQs that may help put your concerns to rest.

Will my account be affected by this change?

If you currently receive statements and invoices by post, and we have an email address recorded against your account, then we will contact you via email to confirm more information about what will change and when.

What if I don’t have an email address?

If you don’t have an email address you will continue to receive your statements and invoices by post. Alternatively you can nominate your statements to be emailed to someone else's email address, such as your accountant or office manager.

When will statements and invoices change to being emailed?

We will contact all affected accounts via email soon, which will provide more detailed information including timeframes for when the change will occur.

How do I know which email address is going to be used?

If your account is affected by this change, we will send an email to the address that will be used. You can contact us to check the contact details for the account, or update your account contact details online.

Can I continue to receive my account information by post?

Yes, you will still have the option to receive your statements and invoices by post. Simply contact us to confirm this as your preference.

What happens if I’m already receiving my account information by email?

Your account information will continue to be delivered by email. Nothing will change unless you contact us to request it.

How do I provide feedback about this change?

Please contact us on 09 527 2797 or email